The Commerce Valley Process

The Commerce Valley Process

If you're collaborating regularly with specialists, one of your biggest priorities becomes ensuring those individuals are working in your best interest and yours alone.

We keep our processes transparent and completely personalized, so that our clients don’t have to question where our interests lie.

STEP 1 The Owner Conversation
The first meeting is simply a conversation. We want to learn about your business, your plans and the experts with whom you’re working currently.
STEP 2 Consult and Construct
We start to map out a plan of action, which involves communication with your network as well as our own.
STEP 3 Development Details
A thorough process for analysis and selection leads us to compile a portfolio that is attuned to your risk and growth needs.
STEP 4 Tracking Results
We actively monitor and report on your objectives, with a focus on clear communication with you and your team.
STEP 5 In-Person Strategy Meeting
At least once per year, we meet with your accountants and specialists to ensure all strategies are in alignment.

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